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Real-time offers, real-time collaboration
Real-time offers, real-time collaboration
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Introducing SparkOffer Collaborators

Your key to effortless collaboration among home sellers and other key players in the home sale process. With SparkOffer Collaborators, you can invite any number of stakeholders to view your home listing and review incoming offers within seconds after they’re made.

So What?

Glad you asked. 3 main reasons:

  • Euphoria for all - And people thought oysters were an aphrodisiac. Homeowners, attorneys, listing agents, escrow agents, family - everyone will be thrilled to be invited to the offer party and view the process in real time.

  • Elevated client experience - Say goodbye to having to forward every email offer to your client. Collaborating with SparkOffer allows sellers to see exactly what an agent would see in real-time, and you can review all of the offers together in one place.

  • Ignite your productivity - With SparkOffer, all stakeholders will have real-time access to view new offers as they arrive and see prospects for their home. Agents can reach them all with our one-way messaging feature for announcements and updates.

The Big Picture

SparkOffer allows buyers to place digital offers on home listings.

Thanks to the convenience of the digital medium, you AND your seller will both be able to see offers come through in minutes, not days.

How it works

Adding your Seller to your Listing:

ℹ️ Note: You'll need a SparkOffer account and a Listing on SparkOffer to use this feature.

You can create an account for free HERE.

For more info on Creating a Listing, please refer to: (do we have an article for this)

  1. Go to your Dashboard. Find the listing you want to add a collaborator to.
    Click on the “⋮” → “Edit Listing”

  2. Scroll down to “Collaborator” section.
    Click “Add Collaborator”

  3. Enter your Seller's info.
    Click “Save”.
    Then, click “Save” at the top right of the screen.
    This is expected to invite your Seller as a "New Collaborator".

  4. Success! This should have sent your new Collaborator an invite via Email.

  5. Your new Collaborator can click into the email invite, and accept their invitation.

6. Congrats, your seller can now see your listing on SparkOffer! View offers together! 🎉

ℹ️ Note: When a new offer comes in, you will be notified by email.

What your Seller sees:

Your Collaborator will see an email that looks like this:

Simply have them click "View Invitation" - SparkOffer will walk your Collaborator through the rest of the process!

ℹ️ Note: Your collaborator DOES NOT need an existing account to accept the invite!

SparkOffer will guide them to sign up if there is no account tied to their email.

What are you waiting for?

Get collaborating, and embrace the future of home sale communication today!

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