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What If More Than One Offer Has the Same Price?
What If More Than One Offer Has the Same Price?

As a listing agent or seller I see multiple offers at the same price. Which place are the buyer's in on the leaderboard on my Spark page?

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On SparkOffer, when more than one person wants to buy the same house and they all offer the same amount of money, there's a special way to keep track of who offered first, second, and so on.

It's like when you line up at school, where the first one in line is the first to go. So, if three people offer the same price for a house, the person who offered that price first is at the top of the list, then the next, and then the next.

But guess what?

The person selling the house or their agent gets to pick the offer they like the best, just like usual.

It's like having the power to choose your favorite ice cream flavor even if there are three of the same kind.

You get to see everything clearly and decide who gets to buy the house, making it super fair and easy to understand.

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